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No Wrong Turn

A few summers ago, I accompanied my sister to the Hospital Emergency.

After a relatively short wait, her name was called and over the next hour or so, we were directed to a couple of different rooms for various tests. After the last test was done, we were told to return to the waiting area and that my sister would be called when the results were in.

The labyrinth of back passages from one room to the next was confusing, but we found the exit and took our seats in the waiting area. We waited. And waited. And waited… 15 minutes passed… Then 30. Patients around us were called up, attended to, and left, and still we waited…

After about 40 minutes, a new patient, a middle-aged lady, arrived and sat down to my right, a few seats away from me. The waiting area was almost empty by now.

Minutes after she sat down, I heard her start weeping; softly at first, as she pulled her scarf tightly around her face, trying to dampen the sounds of her sobs. Then the sobs grew louder and louder, her shoulders heaving with emotion drawn from the depths of her being. Alarmed, I picked up a tissue box from the reception counter and returned to the lady, offering it to her. She grabbed a few tissues, whispering “Thank you” as she did so, bunching them to her face as she continued crying. Wordlessly, I sat next to her, placing my arm over her shoulders. I stayed like that for a few minutes, my arm across her shoulder, a universal gesture of caring and comfort – a moment of shared sisterhood. Slowly, her sobs subsided, turning into deep breaths as she calmed down. I offered her more tissues which she accepted. Then I asked if she would like some water – I had spotted a vending machine in the corridor just around the corner. She declined the offer and simply said “Thank you so much” with a tentative, brave smile. I returned to my seat after placing the the tissue box back on the counter.

Almost 50 minutes had now passed and still no sign of my sister’s name being called! I returned to Reception and inquired as to how much longer it would be. After a quick system check, we were told that we were in the wrong waiting area and were directed to where we needed to go. Walking once again through the labyrinth of back passages to get to the “right” waiting area, my sister commented that so much time had been wasted by taking a wrong turn. I found myself replying that it was no wrong turn. In fact, it was the right turn that we had taken, for had we not been in that “wrong” waiting room, that lady might not have had anyone to comfort her.

Why do I tell this story? Because it was one of the first times I was able to see things clearly. And by clearly I don’t mean having 20/20 vision. Which need was greater – getting test results a few minutes sooner, or having someone beside you for strength and comfort when you are feeling at your lowest point?

I believe the Universe knows where the need is greatest and channels energies to deal with that need. Now, whenever I find myself second guessing the circumstances I’m in, I pause for a moment to look at things from a different angle.

That short pause has often replaced the frustration I’m feeling with the Aha! moment of being reminded that my role is a small but important one in the bigger scheme of things. And that, invariably, leaves me smiling.

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