The Unexpected Muse is a thought-provoking book about life lessons delivered from the viewpoint of a wise bunny.

What people are saying:

  • Thoroughly enjoyed this booklet! It is beautifully illustrated and the writer expresses her views on life and love for nature in such an endearing way. I’ll never look at bunnies the same way again! A must read for all ages. I will be gifting to friends and colleagues this holiday season. ~Jenny C.
  • “This is a tiny gem. A modern-day Tao Te Ching, condensed and much easier to understand. Loved it so much, I ordered 4 more copies for kindred spirits.” ~Janet T.
  • “This story spoke truth and made my heart smile. In a world where we overcomplicate life, spend our time and energy on first world problems, this story cuts to the heart of what life should be about. There is a simple message there for us all to remember, equally valid before, during, and after the pandemic.” ~Steve D.